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  1. Vaya, siento que hayas per­dido el por­tá­til, y más aún de esa manera. Te has encon­trado de bru­ces con el cho­ri­ceo espa­ñol nada más lle­gar aquí, me temo…Mucho ánimo, ahora toca bus­car un cacha­rro bonito de ésos que Apple hace tan bien 🙂

  2. #18,Wow. That’s a shame. It’s especially a shame that we so often can miss the true intentions and meaning of such things. How nice it would be to have more emphasis on the exceptions to the rule so such things could be avoided. I taught in primary for a while and had a companion teacher who was often away. The Primary Presidency simply asked that I keep the door open and allow them to pop in now and then. I understood that as a “spirit of the law” enforcement. Often times, the whole hall of classrooms had doors open and one brother teaching.

  3. joa, mhhh was soll ich sagen??!?! joa die Schule is cool..tüllich ´die Lehrer auch auf alle fälle Frau Dr. Domurath und Herr Müller ! Frau Dr. Domurath is ja ma der hamma ich zitiere: Hättest du geschwiegen wärst du ein Philosoph gewesen hehe…sagte mir ma julian aus der 9/1 denn bye

  4. My son jury-rigged his own sous-vide cooker several years ago before the home models were released. As a pretty good home cook who is not an engineer by training, I need an all-in-one device so I don’t have to cobble together a rice cooker, racks and weights, an aquarium bubbler and NASA-quality temp controller. And, I won’t have to worry about discovering cold fusion or cooking up some nasty strain of bug while I make short ribs!

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  6. I am working on a science project and in the article i was reading i found this sentence: New data from the asteroid-tracking NEOWISE mission reveals that twice as many asteroids as previously thought are on low-inclination orbits that could bring them into contact with our home planet. I don’t know what a low inclination orbit is.does anyone know what that means?

  7. This just in, the NDP are also having a contested nomination prior to the Glenmore by-election.An as-yet-unnamed IBEW union member will be challenged for the nomination by an as-yet-unnamed teacher and/or nurse.Whoever can convince more than just their direct family to come out to the nomination will win the right to tell Calgarians all about the joys of socialism.

  8. — 22 mars 2010, 10:19 Pour info Starbucks développe toutes ses unités en propre partout dans le monde, ce n’est donc pas un franchiseur. On cite souvent l’exemple de cette marque car elle jouit d’une notoriete importante (10 saisons de Friends sont passées par la..), mais ça les a pas empechés de fermer la moitié de leurs points de ventes en Australie en 2008 et plusieurs centaines de points de vente au US. Leur concept est bon mais les emplacements ne sont pas tous rentables.

  9. no sin antes dejar decendencia en la tierra.. Goliat era un filisteo decendiente de ellos, ya no era tan gigante pero aun tenia ADN de sus antecesores asi como Anac con quien pelo Josue en los tiempos de Moises… Entendemos pues que estos hijos de Annunak-angeles, los llamados Annunakis dejaron rastro de su ADN en casi todas las civilizaciones.. Por eso Dios Jehova, siempre escogio una raza hebrea que fuera pura y siempre recordo que no se dieran en casamiento con otro pueblo. La sangre y genes

  10. Here in the US, each employee pays 5.9% of gross (2.9 employee, a hidden 2.9% by employer) over your entire lifetime. For the average middle-class taxpayer, if that had been invested into a medical 401K, that would have been enough to pay for a LOT of medical bills after 65

  11. I think the top looks great but, of course, feeling confident is very important. Well done pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Hopefully, you’ll love your next piece.

  12. hola! pues primero que padre que estas de vacaciones!! y contestando a la pregunta, yo no llevo mucho en esto, pero cuando voy a la tienda de scrap que la verdad es muy seguido!! pobre de mi marido!! jaja ps me voy directamente a los clear stamps y me sigo con el papel, a y los glitters tambien me gustan mucho, mmm los stickers hay pues todo!!jajaja. saludos!!

  13. Sou ex protestante, católico há 10 anos muito mais que convicto!Durante 5 anos no protestantismo, só ouvi ofensas à Igreja Católica.portanto, Temos que parar com esse falso ecumenismo, porque não há reciprocidade por parte dos protestantes.por um Brasil Católico Já!

  14. Kaepernick should avoid collisions when running. Just ask Michael Vick and lately Cam Newton. They have absorbed beatdowns. Randall Cunningham’s career ended on a run.

  15. Nearly all kink events and parties have dungeon monitors. It has not seemed to help with this problem because those DMs do not have policies in place that tell them how to manage a situation in which someone’s consent has been violated. Further, it does not create consistency; each DM uses their own judgement instead of a policy.All too often people with power (like a DM) are the ones doing the harassing and abuse. Policies allow a structure in which people can report those problems even when someone with authority is the aggressor.

  16. Cenk you should research more about MEK and why do all countries in Europe support MEK how much money do they possibly have to give politicians?they help the Iraqis because Khomeini was killing mujahedin (MEK) and thousands of Iranian civilians,they saw him as a lunatic so they join Iraq to stop this crazy Regime. my dads friend is MEK and his life was like the Tv Show”Prison Break”he and his brother were running away from Basij’s and Revolutionary Guards who tried to kill them and other MEK’s.

  17. Hey Mel!!!That’s a good story too!!! Like me you have a new identity related to that whole whole first-initial-last-name thing…Hey Aerin!!!I’d be curious to hear where you got « Aerin » from — I don’t think you’ve already told me… »Alexandra Kollontai » is definitely a tricky one. I can tell you right now I wouldn’t have gotten the reference without having it explained to me.

  18. Technically, I think that Zoroastrianism is the oldest religion in the world.@Media 4 Life Ministries: I appreciate your zeal, but the Genesis 2-3 account was written in the first millennia BCE, much later than other religions. The historicity of the account is not a sure thing; many of us interpret the Genesis account to not be literal at all.I agree with what you say about salvation and eternal life only coming through Jesus, but there are other religions that are simply older.

  19. this. exactly this. commented just to agree.first thing that came to mind, too, when i read the post. expectations of how a child *should* turn out can be damaging. i really enjoyed the pilot’s post about trying to raise a kind, thoughtful, etc. child. he really hit the nail on the head – the idea that you can influence character. not what they will be, but who.

  20. BRAVO to you and WW!! Can't wait to read it, and that the proceeds are going to help others is icing on the cake! This is a win-win-win for all involved…you, the readers, and the beneficiaries of the donations!Holly

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  25. Hypatia got really sick in late 2007 and kept hiding under the bed, right in the middle so it was really hard to get her out for all of her vet appointments. They don't make it very easy for us to take care of them when they're sick, do they! 🙂 I'm glad your cat is doing better! I love brown fluffy cats .. I saw one at Petsmart a few months ago that looked like a Maine Coon with tortoiseshell coloring. It was gorgeous!

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  31. 22 octubre, 2010A ver que os parece: en el apartado 4 “administración de medicación” , en la pagina 18 hay una actuación que es “La preparación y admón. del fármaco la ejecutará el mismo profesional”: evidencia muy baja y grado de recomendación… débil!Que el grado de recomendación de esta practica sea debil, me ha dejado descolocada… debemos entonces recomendar lo contrario, que un enfermero prepare la medicación y otro la administre?

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  42. The Jews are a people who have maintained that identity for thousands of years. Claiming that Arabs from across the Middle East somehow changed their DNA when they moved to what is today Israel (but the DNA on the East Bank of the Jordan didn't change) is laughable.

  43. What little I know of the senate is that it's a body of 60 members, How does Reid pass to block the other senators to vote on what he's doing? It only goes to show that the Democrates are at it again. What are they up to now, and who is it in favor for? What happen to the United States of America?????

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  51. Amanda:The windows are cool to compare! When you are in San Diego, I think you will be amazed by how many of the classic Gill buildings here (between 1905 to 1915) have that rain guard on the awning windows. When I am hiking around town, if I see those on an unfamiliar building, it is a big give away hint that the house may have been designed by Gill.My reconstructed ones on the other sides of the house came out so nice. The carpenters who installed the new sashes were able to hand-mill the lip profiles to match exactly.Thanks for sharing the pictures.Dan

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  55. I totally agree. I miss the sonc adventure days of being able to play as other characters. Sega needs to realize that he idea of sonic only gamplay is gettin old and they need to add more playable characters. They also let down my hopes for other classic characters like, c knux, c amy (rosy rather), and the c chaotix crew.

  56. You just know when they have to list off someone’s (in this case Mya) credentials that it is nobody important. Thank goodness JR was in for Cole because otherwise ADR on commentary wouldnt have been allowed to make it to “best” and also I would’ve turned the tv off.Speaking of people who don’t know how necks work: whoever put Mason Ryan’s body together.

  57. What I find a struggle at this time of year is that anyone who dares to question the reason for the existence of modern Austraila Day or indeed whether there are some things about Australia that we shouldn’t be proud of is instantly dismissed as “unAustralian”. Jingoism will always triumph over any kind of more balanced and detached philosophical view on things.It’s disconcerting because in many ways I am proud to be Australian – its just that I am not so one-eyed to think that there are not many ways that Australia should be a better, fairer, more advanced place than it is.

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  59. Hi, this is a Bob from Film Maker.This is my favorite part of the shoot experience!I get a chance to meet amazing people who love their jobs and want to share their passion through video. Being there watching the message come to life is exciting and memorable. It’s even those moments that happen in between shots that I love to be a part of… some being inspiring and emotional at times.

  60. As one of the few Sephardic Jews who reads this site (I'm guessing), I just want to say that many of my family members simply talk of the Ashkenazim as being interlopers, that is, European-types expropriating our beliefs, and not really us at all. You can keep them. They're yours.

  61. Wow, are you serious leapfrog? I'm going to assume that's a troll response because otherwise I think I might lose more faith in humanity from that one comment than I did while watching the documentary. As always, humanity holds the key to its own destiny. Hope that we can attain a positive one.

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